5 Proven Vitamins for Gorgeous Skin

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While a good diet loaded with fruits, vegetables and multigrain does have its positive effects on the skin, the role of a proper skin care routine is undeniable. Studies show that most of the nutrients come from food and deliver anti-aging benefits and leave the skin soft and glowing. However, there are some other vitamins that our body cannot produce itself completely. Here comes the role of vitamins that can be applied topically to produce maximum anti-aging benefits. These vitamins not only improve the texture of the skin but also play a major role in preventing and reversing the anti-aging process. Let us have a look at the five potent vitamins that have proven to work wonders for the skin.

Vitamin A is the foremost and the most discussed vitamin among beauty circles. It has been rated over times to be the best overall age fighter. Its properties to reduce wrinkle, fade age spots and prevent roughness are well defined in over 700 published studies. Retinoid, an active form of Vitamin A that is found in most OTC lotions and night creams helps to keep the skin looking younger.

Application: Retinoid has to be applied at night since sunlight inactivates most forms of the Vitamin. They may sometimes be irritating to the skin, causing redness; flaking and scaling that can last for a week or longer. The trick is to apply sparingly every second or third night until the skin gets used to it. After two weeks, the product can be applied every night, but only a pea-size amount to the entire face. Prescription retinoid work faster though they are much stronger in concentration. OTC creams are best to be used by beginners until the skin gets used to it. Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Serum Anti-Wrinkle is an intensive skin care treatment infused with Retinol SA that has a fast absorbing potent formula.  

Vitamin B3 is the next go-to Vitamin that increases the production of fatty acids and ceramides, thus protecting the skin’s outer protective barrier. Stronger the outer barrier, the better is skin able to retain moisture and keep irritants out. Vitamin B3 is a great ingredient irrespective of your skin type. The Vitamin has many proven benefits such as improving flushing and blushing caused by rosacea, a common condition that can deteriorate with age and inhibiting the transfer of pigment to skin cells, thus minimizing age spots. The vitamin can be found in creams, lotions and serums, often as Niacinamide.

Application: To be beneficial, Vitamin B3 should be applied in the morning and evening hours. Both Vitamin A and Vitamin B3 can be applied together by mixing a pea size of each on palm before applying on face. This way they would not inactivate each other and produce superior anti-ageing results. Try Olay Anti - Wrinkle UV Daily Lotion, SPF 15 , which is infused with Niacinamide as one of the active ingredients.  

Vitamin C is a well-known all-round anti-ager that is being used in creams and gels since ages. A 5% or higher concentration of the vitamin gives great skin benefits. The vitamin erases the free radicals that cause wrinkles, sagging and other ageing signs to appear. It helps in smoothening and firming the skin by reducing the dark spots. Creams containing Vitamin C also help in fighting damages caused by sun exposure such as fine lines and discoloration.

Application: It is advised to apply Vitamin C in the morning hours underneath your sunscreen before venturing outdoors. This gives a shield against the strong UV rays of the skin that generate free radicals. Many creams contain Vitamin C in combination with Vitamin E, a combination that provides 4times more protection against free radicals. Olay Professional ProX Wrinkle Smoothing Cream Anti-Aging is an effective anti-wrinkle cream that contains citric acid.  

Vitamin E is readily found in transparent capsules. Many creams, lotions and sunscreens contain this Vitamin as one of their anti-ageing ingredient. The vitamin quenches thirsty skin by helping skin retain moisture for long. Its ability to neutralize the damaging effect of free radicals as earned it the reputation of a ‘protector’. Multiple studies have shown that Vitamin E is beneficial for reducing unstable molecules that are created after exposure to sun or even cigarette smoke.

Application: Slathering a good amount of Vitamin E rich cream before and after extreme sun exposure is a great way of using this vitamin in your skin care routine. The anti-inflammatory action of the vitamin helps reduce the damage and makes skin less dry, swollen and red after exposure to the sun. Artra Complete Skin Tone Cream For Normal Skin is a complete formulation consisting of Vitamins E and C that fights skin ageing effectively.  

Vitamin K, often known as the ‘forgotten vitamin’, is responsible for lightening those unfriendly under eye circles. Most creams and serums meant for under eye treatment contain this vitamin. Regular use of this vitamin helps in significantly lightening the dark circles in around 4 months by lightening the melanin and making the skin more translucent.

Application: The Vitamin needs to be applied at night in conjunction with the retinoid. This combination works great by seeping in to the fragile under eye capillaries and making them more translucent and bright, thereby reducing the darkness around the eyes. Devita natural skin care under eye repair serum contains Vitamin K as an active ingredient that helps reduces puffiness and dark circles.

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