6 Steps to Get Your Baby Accept a Pacifier

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Pacifiers have been overstated with claims of babies developing ugly teeth and trouble learning to talk, however, they still work wonders for babies. Pacifiers have several benefits to their credit when used in a clean and hygienic way.

Benefits of pacifiers: One of the foremost benefits of pacifiers seems to be a reduction of risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS as it is known. Pacifiers are also known to help working mothers by helping babies to sleep on their own. Since babies have a habit of sucking on anything put in their mouths, pacifiers are often better alternative to suck rather than sucking a thumb, a habit that is often hard to break when the baby gor6ws up.

If your baby spits out the pacifier repeatedly, here are 6 easy ways to get him to accept the pacifier.

  • If you plan to breastfeed exclusively, do not start with a pacifier. It might interfere with breastfeeding technique and get your baby confused. Wait for a few months before you introduce a pacifier to the baby.
  • You need to be patient if a baby isn’t accepting a pacifier. It might immediately with some babies while might take time with others. Introduce it slowly rather than when the baby is crying hysterically. This way, the pacifier might seem to be a toy for them rather than something that provides soothing immediately.
  • Try giving a pacifier when you baby is feeling sleepy or needs something to suck on. Do not give them pacifiers when they are too hungry or tired.
  • The best way to trigger the baby’s instinct to suckle on a pacifier is to put it in their mouths and tap a little and shake the pacifier slowly when in their mouth.
  • Try introducing different types of pacifiers in terms of materials and styles. While some babies prefer pacifier made up of latex, other like it silicon.
  • Another trick to introduce pacifier is to dip it in the breast for formula milk and put in the baby’s mouth. If it tastes good, the baby is likely to accept the pacifier.
These few tips will help your baby accept the pacifier with little to no struggle. SaveSave
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