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This year the summer has made our environment like a furnace, with temperatures reaching up to 50 °C in certain areas. Dehydration is common in which the body loses a great amount of water and essential fluids due to excessive sweating to maintain the body temperature. The body is then unable to recover these fluids in such hot weather. It is a severe problem and cannot be taken lightly. Here are some tips to prevent dehydration.

Drink a lot of water: The first step to preventing dehydration is drinking a lot of water. Sweating occurs continuously in such weather; so increasing the water intake helps a lot. Many experts suggest that 6-8 glasses of water is adequate. This varies in turn on factors like height, weight, physical activity and the climate we live in.

Stay away from Diuretics: Diuretics increase the urine production, which in turn increases water loss from the body. So avoid consuming unnecessary diuretics in either medicinal or natural form. Common diuretics are beverages containing caffeine like coffee, cola, etc.

Say No to Spicy foods: Acidity and heartburn are commonly associated with spicy food. However, the internal body temperature is raised due to spicy food, which then causes a loss of body fluids via sweating.

High potassium diet: Along with water loss, essential electrolytes are also lost which can be replenished by potassium containing foods. Coconut water, potatoes, mushrooms, avocados and green leafy vegetables are rich in potassium.

Avoid exertion: Staying fit is very important for health. However, indulge in a limited amount of physical activity to avoid over exertion causing excessive sweating. Keep on drinking water in between workouts.

Avoid staying outdoors: Stay away from the direct sunlight and remain indoors. This is the best way to prevent any harm caused by the UV rays. Especially in the afternoon, avoid going out anywhere. Sweating occurs naturally when exposed to sunlight. So avoid unnecessary sweating.

Wear breathable and loose clothes: Dark colors like black absorb a lot of heat and tight clothes prevent external cooling of the body. Wear light colors, and slightly loose clothes. Cotton is best suited for the summer.

Do Yoga: Yoga can calm our body and the nerves, which signal sweating. Practicing yoga regularly has a relaxing effect.

No Smoking and No Alcohol: Smoking causes excessive drying up of the throat and dehydrates the cells. It interferes with nerve signals, which make you thirsty. Alcohol is a diuretic, leading to drying up of the stomach lining and throat. It causes severe dehydration affecting liver cells. Follow these tips inevitably to stay safe in this unbeatable summer heat.

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