A Complete Manicure Tools Guide

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Perfect looking nails call for an arsenal of tools in your manicure kit. Here is a list of all the necessary manicure tools you will need to get smooth and polished manicured nails. 
  • A nail filer is required to get smoothly filed nails. Opt for higher grit file number for a smoother file. If you want natural looking nails, use a fine grit file. Files come in a variety of materials-wooden, steel etc. Hover you should avoid using the metal ones to prevent splitting of nails.
  • Nail buffer is a great tool for buffing nails to a smooth finish. Opt for a buffer with four sides. After filing your nails, buff it gently with a nail buffer to smoothen out any rough edges. Repeat with three sides to get smooth, polished nails.
  • When you want to clip nails short, a nail clipper comes handy. You can give a precise shape and size to your nails.
  • A cuticle pusher is a manicure tool that is used to push the skin back away from your nails so as to encourage nail strength as well as make nails appear longer. They are available in steel or wood. Make sure to soften your nails with cuticle cream applied over the nails and skin surrounding it and soaking them in warm water for 10 mins before using the cuticle.
  • Nail polish remover is used to remove polish before a manicure or the next polish. It comes in a variety of formulations. Try not to choose ones with acetone as they are harsh for the nails. You can even fix polish mistakes by keeping a cotton swab soaked in remover in your hand.
These are some simple ways of taking care of your nails with manicure tools.
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