Avoid Common Dental Health Lapse to Experience Great Oral Hygiene

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Our oral hygiene is as important as the hygiene for rest of our body our face, hair etc. Though occasional lapse on keeping up with our hygiene does happen, more often than not we ignore these common dental pitfalls and suffer bad oral hygiene. Here are 7 common dental hygiene lapse to avoid to enjoy great oral health.
  • While it is a common knowledge that brushing our teeth at least twice a day is important, many of us do not follow this. Regular brushing ceases bacterial build-up of plaque and keeps our teeth cavity free. Studies reveal that brushing our teeth twice daily helps in keeping our oral hygiene at best.
  • Just as brushing our teeth is important, so is the technique. Missing few areas of our mouth is the common mistake most f do us while brushing. We need to clean the total area of the mouth, covering each tooth properly. It is easy to brush the teeth randomly without paying much attention to the gum line and inner teeth, which might start plaque deposit, further leading to cavities and gingivitis. It is thus imperative to brush every corner of the mouth, however, be gentle while brushing rather than making it a fight for your teeth.
  • It is important to use the right kind of toothbrush for brushing. With market afloat with different bristle strength and thickness, it is easy to pick a wrong one. Opt for small-headed brushes with soft brushes so that it reaches every corner of the mouth, without being too harsh on the gums. Rounded head brushes are ideal for prevention of gum aggravation.
  • It is equally crucial to replace your toothbrush every few weeks. Using your toothbrush until the brushes lose their strength or the brush accumulates plaque is a wrong idea. You can buy multiple brushes and keep in the spare cabinet. This way, you can replace your brushes easily without having to run to the market every time. Using an old toothbrush that has seen its day does not help in removing plaque effectively.
  • Regular flossing is an important step in complete oral health. Our brushes may not reach all areas of teeth effectively. Flossing helps to remove plaque and food build-up between the teeth. Daily flossing prevents gum disease and removes plaque. Invest in good floss products that remove plaque in all the places your toothbrush can't reach!
  • It is essential to visit your dentist twice a year. While you might be maintaining your oral health thoroughly, our teeth too require regular check-up, just as any other part of the body. A dentist can ensure that you are using the right tools and techniques for your brushing. He can even advise you best options for oral care.
  • Our diet contains too much hidden sugar, from rice to bread. This is a leading cause of tooth decay. Cut down on fizzy drinks, processed foods and other sweet options. Your oral health will thank you for this.
These 7 common tips will ensure optimum oral health in no time.
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