Benefits of Biotin for Hair and Nail

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Every health-conscious individual would know the importance of B complex vitamins for the maintenance of proper energy metabolism. However, rarely do people know the functions of individual B vitamins that help in restoring our essential bodily functions. One such vitamin is Biotin.

Biotin is often referred to as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. The vitamin occurs naturally in the human body thereby supporting many bodily functions, especially the ones related to metabolism. Biotin not only helps in the processing of energy and carrying carbon dioxide through our body, it helps in proper functioning of the sweat glands, bone marrow, and nerve tissue when at optimum levels.

The importance of Biotin has been highly linked with the improvement of hair health. Though research findings are minimal regarding the vitamin’s role in supporting hair growth and ceasing hair fall, strong evidence exists in the form of people using this vitamin widespread to control such negative hair effects. Several hair companies have seen to be advertising their products that contain Biotin though the vitamin can be taken orally too. The vitamin helps in manufacturing healthy hair follicles that allow for re-growth of new hair and minimizing hair fall. Though hair loss is rarely caused by the deficiency of this vitamin, the problem can be solved by taking Biotin supplements. Approximately 30mcg of Biotin a day is sufficient for a normal adult over the age of 19. Therefore, if you have tried several options to regain the lost hair growth or the thickness but have failed every time, probably you are suffering from Biotin deficiency and need to take supplements of this vitamin.

Since Biotin is an important enzyme component in the human body that helps in breaking down fats, carbohydrates and other minerals, its deficiency causes symptoms like brittle nails and thinning of hair among others. Administration of Biotin supplements helps in thickening of toe and fingernails. It may also help in preventing breakage of nails. Adequate levels of Biotin produce healthy cells that would stimulate the growth of nails and combat weak cuticles and brittle nail problems.

The appropriate dosage of this vitamin depends on various factors like age, health and several related health conditions. Since there is a lack of scientific information regarding an appropriate range of dosage, it is always advisable to consult the pharmacist or healthcare professionals as well as reading the product labels before taking any kind of Biotin supplements. Even if an individual is not suffering from Biotin deficiency, one may consider taking its supplements in order to capitalize its positive effects on hair and nails.

Biotin, in general is a safe and non-toxic vitamin. Its administration has not been associated with any side effects. Moreover, many pharmacists and online websites are now providing Biotin supplements without any prescription, which clearly identifies the harmless behaviour of the vitamin. However, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before taking a higher dose or taking the vitamin supplement for the very first time.

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