Do You Know These 6 Things about Your Baby's Skin?

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Your toddler’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. The outside world isn’t as safe and comfortable to their skin as your womb. This is why the initial months of your baby’s life demand a little extra TLC. In order to ensure good care to your newborn’s skin, you first need to be aware of some important facts about baby skin.

Here are 6 facts about baby skin every new mother should know

  • Moisturizing your baby’s skin is as important as it is to your adult skin. Use a baby moisturizer to that help keep your infant’s skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Your baby’s skin too thin. Speaking exactly, it is about 5 times thinner than adult skin. You can see blood vessels underneath their skin with your naked eyes. It demands high-quality baby lotion that helps their skin retain moisture and keep it soft throughout the day.
  • When exposed to the sun, your baby’s skin can burn more quickly than adult skin. To save your baby’s skin from sunburns, use a baby sunscreen and cover them entire body properly with airy and light clothing. And don’t forget to cover their head with a hat.
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  • Cradle cap is a result of your maternal hormones. But it is quite a common condition amongst newborns. Use a good baby shampoo and it will remove those greasy white flakes from your newborn’s scalp. In several weeks, your baby will automatically flush out the signs of cradle cap.
  • Yes, your baby’s skin is prone to acne and rashes. It could be a result of dry weather or excessively warm liquid. In such case, you just need to continue using best-quality baby skincare products and your baby will have healthy skin again!
  • Give your baby’s skin a gentle and nourishing massage every day. Use a baby massage oil rich in Vitamin E. Natural oils like Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and Coconut oil has been used for massaging infant for many years now. Massaging stimulate blood circulation in their skin cells and promote overall skin wellness. Regular massage also promotes your child’s growth.


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