Follow These 5 Habits While Bathing Your Baby

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Let’s face it; giving a bath to a newborn is an extremely challenging and terrifying job. Your baby is too delicate and small to handle in wet and slippery condition. Besides, there is no certainty that your infant will find bathing a pleasant experience.  They may cry out loud making your job even more miserable. However, there is no denying that bathing is essential for your baby. Done right way, it can give you chance to bond better with your baby. In this post, we have compiled a list of 5 habits you must follow to make bathing safe and enjoyable for your infant.

  • Make use of lukewarm water: The water you use to bathe your baby should not be too hot or too cold. Use warm water which will make your baby feel relaxed that they will sleep immediately after bath time. You can use the tip of your elbow or a thermometer to check water temperature before you start bathing the baby.
  • Choose bath time wisely: When is your baby usually in good mood? Give your baby a bath when they seem happy, not hungry or tired. Selecting right timeslot will make a bathing enjoyable experience for both of you.
  • Choose right baby bathing products: Your baby’s skin is too soft and sensitive. And thus, look for baby bathing bars or soaps that are 100% natural and gentle on your baby’s skin.
  • Moisturizing is essential: Choose from best-quality imported baby creams and moisturizers to keep your baby’s skin well-hydrated and healthy all day long. Apply moisturizer once you finish drying your infant with a soft and clean baby towel.
  • Wash their hair regularly: Most babies get oily, yellow flakes on their scalp during initial month, which is known as cradle cap. Use a gentle natural baby shampoo to cleanse their scalp and hair effectively yet safely.
    Establish your own baby bathing routine and choose most reliable bathing and skin care products for your newborn. Learn Easy Ways to Make Baby Bath Time Safe and Fun! Save Save SaveSaveSaveSaveSave
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