Get Amazingly Strong Nails With These 11 Tips

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Healthy long nails are the dream of every woman. However, only a few of them can realise this dreams. Follow these 11 easy tips to get healthy and strong nails that can be an envy of many.
  • Before beautifying nails with anything, make sure they are always kept clean. The nails along with eh skin around them should always be dirt free. Remove all the traces of nail paint with an acetone-free nail pan remover. Scrub your nails and the skin around them lightly with an old soft toothbrush. This will remove any dead skin as well as exfoliate the skin.
  • Nails are very delicate. Make sure not to use any harsh chemicals or scrubs to clean your nails and the skin around them. Avoid using metal cleaning tools to clean your nails as this can cause damage to the nail plate.
  • It is important to regularly trim your nails to keep them clean and dirt free.
  • Long nails do look beautiful but are difficult to maintain in daily life. In addition, long nails may be house to accumulated germs from food and other surrounding dirt. Always keep your nails short and rounded. Sharp edges can chip easily and can be hurtful too. Short nails are stronger and durable in daily wear.
  • It is a good idea to keep emery board handy. This helps in immediately smoothening out any rough edges and saving chipped nails to further damage. Remember to file in one direction only, along the grain of the nail.
  • It is important to keep your nails bacteria free, just as your makeup brushes. Wash your metal manicure tools frequently to avoid any contamination. Replace disposable tools with new ones at regular intervals.
  • Before applying nail paint, always remember to use a base coat. Not only does this make the nail paint last longer but also protects the nail from being stained with the nail paint colour. Follow it up with a top coat to seal in the paint colour and add gloss to the nail paint.
  • Make sure to choose nail paints that are devoid of any toxic chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. These chemicals can cause splitting of nails, making them brittle.
  • Avoid gel and acrylic nail treatments as much as you can. They may be convenient and long lasting but they are very damaging to the nails. Exposure to UV light in the gel manicure can dry out the skin in and around the nail, thus damaging it.
  • Always keep your hands and nails moisturised. Constant contact with water can steal the moisture from the nails. Make sure to wear protective gear such as gloves when working with water, chemicals or anything that involves soaking the nails for a considerable time. Apply a good moisturiser or heavy oil on and around the nails to keep them moisturised.
  • Consider following a healthy diet. A protein, fat and vitamin rich diet will definitely yield shiny, strong nails. Take Vitamin E, Biotin and fish oil supplements if needed as these are known to strengthen the nails from within.
These easy tips will help you gain strong and healthy nails in no time.
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