How Baby Powder Helps Treat Your Infant’s Prickly Heat Rashes

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Your baby’s sweat glands are still under development and thus they skin is at higher risk of prickly heat rashes, also known as ‘miliaria’. While we adult suffers from heat rashes in hot and humid summer days, babies can suffer from this skin condition any time of the year. Yes, you heard me right. Babies can also see heat rashes in cold winter months too. These rashes are more commonly seen in body areas where clothing hugs skin tightly such as neck, armpits, upper chest and groin. Back and shoulder areas are also at high risk of developing heat rashes.

Signs of Prickly Heat Rashes in Infants The redness in skin, irritability, fever, and crankiness are some of the common symptoms witnessed in babies suffering from heat rashes.  The rashes cause a stinging sensation in baby’s skin causing them a great discomfort. If your baby scratches the rashes, it can make the condition even worse posing a risk of infection.


Why Use Baby Powder to Treat Heat Rashes In Your Toddler Prickly heat baby powders give your toddler instant relief from the stinging sensation and treat their heat rashes. Using baby powder is one of the most effective treatments for heat rashes in babies. Don’t believe me? Check the key benefits of prickly heat baby powders as mentioned below.

  • Dust a good amount of baby powder on the infected area and the powder will keep your baby’s skin sweat-proof and dry. Johnson’s baby powder, with aloe and vitamin e pure cornstarch, is clinically proved and dermatologist tested product to treat skin irritation and rashes in babies. Once applied, it quickly absorbs the excess moisture from infant’s skin and makes it feel dry, smooth and fresh.
  • Rash Relief baby powders are like a mild astringent that not just treat heat rashes but keep your infant’s skin cool and fresh all day long.
  • Baby powders help reduce the discomfort and crankiness of your baby with their quick soothing action to the skin.
  • These powders will save your baby’s skin from issues like infection
  • They are an ideal solution to your baby’s sensitive skin. These powders function as an antiseptic that helps alleviate irritation and inflammation caused by the heat rashes.
  • Redness will disappear eventually.
What’s more, keep your baby’s skin cool and dry. Dab baby powder all over their body. And don’t wrap up them in very tight clothing. Johnson’s Baby powder range is time-tested. They are made from natural ingredients like cornstarch, lavender, and chamomile that make them a perfect treatment for your baby’s delicate skin. SaveSaveSave
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