How to take care of your child’s skin this Summer

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Being parent means that your first priority is your child. There are countless responsibilities attached to being a parent, out of which one is taking care of your child’s skin. As children’s skin is more sensitive compared to ours, parents need to be extra careful about it. During summers, taking care of your child's skin takes in a little effort but it shouldn’t be complicated

Bug Bites

Bug bites are a huge problem when they turn into infections. The first defense should be to remain away from them and not attract them.  Always keep your drinks covered as sweet attracts the bugs, and screening your windows will also keep them away. If the area where you live mosquitos and other bugs are common then always use a repellent. In case your child gets a bug bite, you can treat it yourself without visiting a doctor by applying ice and medicine to it, but if it gets worse always visit the doctor.


The most common problem relating to summers is of sunburns. You cant leave the house without applying sunscreen on your skin. Always apply sunscreen on your child's skin and reapply after every 3 hours before going out in the sun.

Pool care

Swimming is the most common activity during summers. The chlorine in the swimming pool dries out the skin. Always moisturize your child's skin before and after he or she swims.

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