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Massaging your baby is a beautiful way to exhibit how much care and adore your newborn. Massage offers a myriad of benefits to your baby such as effective digestion, weight gain, improved blood circulation, better sleep and reduced teething pain. It also makes your baby feel relaxed. Both you and your partner should be involved in massaging routine for your baby as a way to bond with your little loved one.  If you are a first-time parent or about to be one, this post will help you learn the right way to massage your baby.

Here is a massage routine for your baby

  • First of all, make sure you don’t give massage immediately after or before a meal.
  • To begin, take a clean and soft towel, and spread it out on the floor. Also, undress the baby leaving only the diaper on the body. Now you can put them on the floor.
  • Take your baby massage cream or oil in palms and wrap one of their thighs with your hands and gently move your hands toward their foot. Repeat the same procedure on both legs. Make sure you always begin massage from the legs as they are the least sensitive of all body parts. So, you can get the time to watch your baby’s response.
  • To massage their soles, use your thumb and press it gently in circular and then straight motion.
  • Hold each toe delicately using your thumb and forefinger and tenderly pull up until your fingers reach the end. Repeat the same procedure for each toe.
  • Continue massaging on their arms. Do the milking and twisting-towel movements tenderly on each arm.
  • While massaging their tummy and chest area, put both hands flat in the center and then pull them down slowly and softly through the sides.
  • Don’t massage the tummy if you find their cord isn’t fully healed.
  • Give a mild stroke of baby oil on their eyebrow and nose bridge.
  • Use the tip of your fingers to massage their scalp with a quality baby hair oil product
  • Follow up with the back portion and the bum.
  • Finish the massage routine with a few strokes from shoulders to their feet.

Newborn Baby Massage

You can start daily massaging sessions for your baby after 10-15 days of their birth and continue following the routine until they are 5-6 years old. It is recommended to use only edible oil for massaging your newborn. Natural oils like Coconut oil and almond oils have been used to massage baby’s and promote their physical and mental growth for centuries.

You will also find a huge range of medicated baby oils and creams available out there. Shop only the imported skin care products for your baby! Save SaveSave

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