Why You Should Use Lip Liner and How to Use a Lip Liner

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If you’ve always struggled to have your lipstick on point, chances are, and you are missing out one very important factor - the perfect lip liner. A lip liner can define your lips and avoid your lipstick from bleeding.

Here are the reasons why you must use a lip liner to get your lipstick on point.

Adds prominence to your lips

Lip liners add dimension to your lips and make your lipstick look even more amazing. To apply a lip liner to fuller lips, you should use a neutral lip liner like Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner which can make your upper lip more prominent.

Retains the lipstick for a longer time

With a lip liner like 12pc Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liner, your lipstick stays on for longer, doesn’t bleed, and makes you worry less about touch-ups.

Steps to use a lip liner

If you are wondering how to apply lip liner to small lips, you’re just two steps away:

  • Part your lips and draw a precise liner like NYX Cosmetics Long Lasting Slim Lip Liner, along your lip line. Use short strokes so that there isn’t any imbalance
  • Blur the lip liner once you’ve traced the natural line to create a base coat for the lipstick. Next, apply the lipstick and soften the edges with your lip liner for blending it all together.

Now you have the best lip liners and all the right reasons to buy them, get them now to have the perfect pouty lips.

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