Alcon Opti - Free Contact Lens Case - 1 ea

For hard, gas permeable and soft, hydrophilic contact lenses.

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Alcon Opti - Free Contact Lens Case - 1 ea

For storage of soft (hydrophilic), rigid gas permeable (RGP), and hard contact lenses during chemical disinfection. For use for storage during chemical disinfection only.

Direction :  

Before initial use, wash your lens case well with your daily cleaning/multi-purpose solution and rinse with your rinsing/multi-purpose solution. Use this method to clean the lens case weekly. Do not use soaps, detergents or other household cleaners.After you remove your lenses from the lens case, empty and rinse it with fresh rinsing/multi-purpose solution and allow it to air-dry.Always store lenses in fresh solution. Never reuse the solution.


Warning :

Lens cases can be a significant source of microbial contamination. To help prevent eye infections, lens cases should be properly cleaned, rinsed and air dried. Lens cases should be replaced every 3 months, or as directed by your eye care practitioner.Use of this lens case with heat may cause warpage.Use for storage during chemical disinfection only. Do not use with heat.Some chemical and hydrogen peroxide systems require special contact lens cases. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult your eye care practitioner.If you experience irritation, redness, excessive tearing, unusual secretions or changes in vision, remove your lenses and consult your eye cure practitioner immediately.

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