Caden Lane® Peacock Crib Bedding Collection in Blue

Vibrant colors and vivacious patterns pop in this unique collection by Caden Lane. A mix-and-match of peacock feathers and herringbone prints will give any nursery that one-of-a-kind touch.

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The Caden Lane Blue Peacock Collection combines vibrant peacock feathers and a vivacious herringbone pattern in a blue and grey color scheme
Collection includes a changing pad cover, blanket, bumpers and crib bedding set
Machine wash
Made in USA

1. Check clothing labels for special care instructions before washing.
2. Separate clothing by color to avoid color fade and bleeding.
3. Use the warmest water you can (following the clothes label instructions) to fill the machine.
4. Add detergent to water.
5. Add baby clothes, taking care not to overfill.
6. Begin wash cycle.
7. Soap residue can irritate some baby’s sensitive skin. Run an extra rinse cycle to ensure all soap has been removed.
8. Hang to line dry or put in the dryer soon after wash is finished.

Because newborns tend to have sensitive skin, it’s generally a good idea to wash all clothes prior to using them.
It is a common recommendation that baby clothes should be washed separately, using special “baby” detergents that supposedly leave fewer residues and are therefore less likely to cause skin irritation.