• Earth Therapeutics - Dual Tweezer Grooming Set -1ea.

Earth Therapeutics - Dual Tweezer Grooming Set -1ea.

Use the flat edge of the slanted tip for tweezing eyebrows or other hairs.

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Earth Therapeutics - Dual Tweezer Grooming Set -1ea.

Earth Therapeutics tweezers are professional quality. The tips of all Earth Therapeutics tweezers are hand-filed, perfectly aligned, and rigorously tested for precise tweezing and exacting accuracy.

Direction :

For best results, tweeze after a shower or after treating skin with a hot towel to open pores and soften hairs. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth. Isolate the hair you are about to tweeze, pulling one hair at a time with a gentle, smooth motion. Please handle tweezers with care. Dropping the tweezers may dull the point and sharp edges or throw them out of alignment. Wipe clean after each use.


Warning :

Please keep out of reach of children. Especially for the point-tipped tweezers, please first disinfect the tip with alcohol when treating ingrown hairs or when working under the skin surface. Be careful! The tips are very sharp. Always make sure to replace the protective cap on the tip.


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