Kaz Smarttemp Portable Reusable Heating Pad Cold Compress, Size : 9 Inches x 14 Inches - 1 ea

Soothing therapy for pain relief. 

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Kaz Smarttemp Portable Reusable Heating Pad Cold Compress, Size : 9 Inches x 14 Inches - 1 ea


Heats in microwave. Cools in freezer. SmartTemp Hot/Cold Therapy System: One Pack Has Three Uses: Moist or dry heat or cold therapy treatments; Provides deep penetrating heat; Pliable when cold or hot; molds to the affected area for maximum benefit.; Maintains temperature for optimal therapeutic benefit and is environmentally safe and non-toxic; Easier to use than hot water bottles or ice bags. Heat Retention Properties: Equivalent to Medium electric heat setting. Therapeutic Relief Of: Sports injuries, back or muscle pain, arthritis, menstrual pain. Thermal Matrix technology. Soft washable cloth cover. Strap helps secure pad in place.

Warning :

Use as directed to avoid possible injury. Misuse can cause burns. Test temperature by applying the Portable Heat Pad to sensitive skin, such as underside of the wrist. If too hot, remove the Portable Heat Pad, let it cool for a few minutes, and retest until comfortable. Pay special attention when using Portable Heat Pad for infants, young children and older persons whose skin may be less sensitive to temperature extremes. Persons with diabetes, circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis or insensitive skin should use only as directed by a physician. Consult your doctor before treating any serious injury or when pain persists. Do not use in conjunction with liniments, balms or lotions.

Please read all label information carefully on delivery and prior to use.

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